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                      Ningbo Huajia Chemical Co., Ltd.
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                      Factory Products

                      About us
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                      Ningbo Huajia Chemical Co., Ltd. specializes in the trading, R&D and manufacturing of fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediate and pesticide intermediate, also deals with commodity chemicals. Over years’ hard working, Huajia chemical has established close cooperative relationships with brand suppliers in Europe, Japan, Korea, Russia and Taiwan, etc; thus we enjoy steady and long-term supply channels of chemical products, and have the good abilities to offer customers high quality products and excellent technical supports.

                      In the aspect of trade, we focus on fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediate and pesticide intermediate, the professional trade mode and systematic products structure has been formed. Huajia chemical also has devoted to be the researcher and developer of fine chemicals for a long time. Adopting several kinds of patterns (shareholding, mutual share-holding and technical investment), we have built our production bases and successfully produced dozens kinds of pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide intermediates and other fine chemicals.  Now, we have had a complete production platform and sustainable ability to achieve sustainable development.

                      Upholding such criterion of "Regulation, Preciseness, Honesty", Huajia chemical aims to be a technology-developing enterprise. Relying on years’ experiences on trading, innovations, strengths in the research of technology, and present industrial basis, we are striving to provide excellent service for business partners and product users. Through cooperating with business partners and product users in the fields of products and business, we are working hard for mutual development!


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